How about a game of  PACMANIA/Demo
Size : 3299.443 Kb
Type : zip

Had a bit of fun with zx spectrum basic and compiler
Size : 3.909 Kb
Type : zip

(Working title Pibert) Pippo game remake
Size : 3733.141 Kb
Type : zip

Started August 2018  pixelated  OnekeyNifty lifty remake western style

Just a bit of fun with asteroids
Size : 1.04 Kb
Type : zip
Size : 2.715 Kb
Type : zip



Restarted Kings valley 2 speccy style. I have done all the 60 levels and now going through each level checking for programing faults which will probably take a while.


I used the original msx version as a guide for the levels.


Fixing one problem seems to create another but I am sticking with it, also having to play each level of the msx game doesn't help either.




Titanic Blinky Paused 


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