A remake of painter from zx spectrum with a reck-it ralph theme

specypainter.zip specypainter.zip
Size : 2740.696 Kb
Type : zip
snake.zip snake.zip
Size : 4337.917 Kb
Type : zip

Classic Snake Game with choice of Player Classic snake /Paccy/Centi watch out your snake poops after eating a few apples which bounces around avoid touching the head with poo or you will lose a life. when the poo stops moving it will dissolve away.

Monkey academy a remake of an msx educational puzzle game by konami from 1985

monkey.zip monkey.zip
Size : 2188.857 Kb
Type : zip

There are lots a remakes of Asteroids Here's mine. New Update 29/07/13 Added

joystick support

asteroids.zip asteroids.zip
Size : 1522.945 Kb
Type : zip

A cute Platformer help Blinky collect ingredients to make spells and wake up the laird Mctavish.

Update added joystick control

blinky.zip blinky.zip
Size : 1844.875 Kb
Type : zip

********* Blitzs destroy the buildings or crash. new update 05/05/09 **********

blitz.zip blitz.zip
Size : 1435.824 Kb
Type : zip

 ******************** Jump and land onto the platform. *******************

bunnyhop.zip bunnyhop.zip
Size : 903.446 Kb
Type : zip

Burgertime clone 

Move over the ingredients which will drop down to the next level until they reach the plate at the bottom. You must avoid the baddies (sausages/eggs/tomatoes) or stun them with pepper for a short while.

Now with added Joystick support

super_burger.zip super_burger.zip
Size : 5931.723 Kb
Type : zip

 A Updated version of burgertime with ten levels more like the classic original.

burgertime.zip burgertime.zip
Size : 4350.084 Kb
Type : zip

****************** A remake of scramble with 2 extra levels *****************

scramblex2.zip scramblex2.zip
Size : 1301.652 Kb
Type : zip

         *****************After Centipede came Millipede*****************

millipede.zip millipede.zip
Size : 2208.356 Kb
Type : zip

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