A little known arcade game called king and balloon

king_balloon.zip king_balloon.zip
Size : 5679.19 Kb
Type : zip

Suprepacman Isometric style

superpacman.zip superpacman.zip
Size : 2032.716 Kb
Type : zip

 An old favourite Moon Cresta is a two-dimensional, single screen shoot-em-up in the same mould as Taito's Space Invaders and Namco's Galaga. The player begins the game with a small ship armed with a single one laser cannon. After successfully completing the first four waves of alien attacks, the player's ship will dock with the next 'stage' of player's fighter ship. After successfully clearing two more waves of aliens, this two-stage ship will dock with the third and final piece, giving the player a larger and much more powerful ship to attack the aliens.
New Update 31/07/13 added joystick control

moon_cresta.zip moon_cresta.zip
Size : 4218.82 Kb
Type : zip

********************** Mini Pacman multispeed **************************

minpacman.zip minpacman.zip
Size : 1571.339 Kb
Type : zip

My version of the Frogger Game  new update 1/8/13 added joystick control and set your own keys

frogger.zip frogger.zip
Size : 2472.05 Kb
Type : zip

************** My version of The Classic Lunar Lander by Atari **************

With added joystick control

lander.zip lander.zip
Size : 1298.144 Kb
Type : zip

******************* Remake of Atari's Missile command ********************

command.zip command.zip
Size : 2185.337 Kb
Type : zip

** A Remake of bagman from valadon automation 1982 now with joystick control **

bagman.zip bagman.zip
Size : 2402.153 Kb
Type : zip

EFMB is a remake of a zx_spectrum game of the same name. written with GM Studio

external link to EFMB

GM8 version

efmb.zip efmb.zip
Size : 6438.362 Kb
Type : zip

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