Remake of Zx spectrum Nuclear invaders from 2013 reworked, the invaders are back and attacking your nuclear dump Destroy them before they destroy the Earth.

Can you get the highest score?.
Size : 2031.91 Kb
Type : zip

A new beta version of Tomb of Dracula with updated Graphics
Size : 5634.373 Kb
Type : zip

Tomb of Dracula was a game made for the zx spectrum in 1983 by felix software

Darkness is falling ... The vampires are hungry ... You can't go back... Your only chance of survival lies ahead.

The door slams behind you as you enter the foul atmosphere of Dracula's
tomb. You know that you stand at the south door from the brief glimpse
of a map of the first level, but as you push ahead you soon loose your

The walls are cold and clammy. With each step you remember the horrors ahead; ghouls, zombies and pits of choking slime. In your hand you have
but seven silver stakes with which to defend yourself ... Dare you face
the ultimate evil ... and win?.

My version is complete and much like the zx version but I may update the graphics for a modern look if there is sufficient interest in the game. 

A few of my other games can be found on gamejolt
Size : 4728.5 Kb
Type : zip


A remake of  Kid grid from C64 and atari 8bit machines includes a crude room editor.

Kid Grid is a one player game where the goal is to capture squares to gain points and complete a grid, in order to move to another level. Your character is Kid Grid and your main attributes are maneuverability and a stun gun, to be used against an array of 4 pursuers, whose task is to corner and kill you. The stun gun instantly, but only briefly, freezes the pursuers, allowing the Kid to elude them to continue building the grid. There is an allowance of 3, 5,or 7 stuns allowed depending on the difficulty of the level you're on, and unused stuns are allowed to accumulate as you progress, for use later in the game. Question marks will appear in the course of the game and are valuable assets to capture for points, and the player's point score is lowered if the question mark escapes.
Size : 3003.405 Kb
Type : zip

Mad Nurse is a zx spectrum video game programmed by Simon Pick and published by Firebird in 1986.

The plot of the game is that you control a nurse (Brenda bumwasher and other hilarious names) at a maternity hospital, where you have to rescue the babies who have escaped from their cots. If left alone, the babies will eat medicine bottles, electrocute themselves at electrical outlets, and fall down the elevator shaft. The gameplay has the form of a non-scrolling platformer where the nurse can use an elevator to ascend or descend platforms. If too many babies die, the nurse is fired. Firebird initially refused to publish the game, because dying babies were too controversial.
Size : 5512.28 Kb
Type : zip

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