Oh Mummy from zx spectrum made in isometric view

mummy.zip mummy.zip
Size : 4033.193 Kb
Type : zip

Amidar style game rotate board to fill in areas while avoiding enemies

ribbit.zip ribbit.zip
Size : 5449.787 Kb
Type : zip


Pacman with a new game element inky has grabbed all the power pills and is carrying them around with him can you grab those power pills from behind without being killed ?.

This may not be that easy as you will need quick reflexes to avoid being caught. by inky and the other pesky ghosts.

pacman_revenge.zip pacman_revenge.zip
Size : 1713.438 Kb
Type : zip

 ************** Remake of Transversion from 1984 Zx Spectrum **************

transversion.zip transversion.zip
Size : 4779.859 Kb
Type : zip
Cartoon capers

 Cartoon capers collect keys to exit via the doors. My first ever attempt at making a game with gamemaker 5

capers.zip capers.zip
Size : 1700.338 Kb
Type : zip
Cookie help the chef collect the ingredients into the bowl

Cookie a speccy remake collect the ingredients and knock them into the bowl.

new update 31/07/13 added joystick control

Size : 1480.957 Kb
Type : zip

 *** HUNCHBACK remake Help hunchback rescue Esmerelda from the tower. ****

hunchy3d.zip hunchy3d.zip
Size : 1052.324 Kb
Type : zip
Space invaders with different attack waves

****************          Space invaders with a difference.         **************

Added joystick control

invaders.zip invaders.zip
Size : 1245.13 Kb
Type : zip

 **********************Three Golf solitaire type games*********************

solitaire_collection.zip solitaire_collection.zip
Size : 2401.19 Kb
Type : zip

Another Space invaders ACOMPLETE fully working but not fully tested game

blitz_inv.zip blitz_inv.zip
Size : 2503.528 Kb
Type : zip

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