A Galaxian style remake save the power pods from the aliens.

HypergalaxV2.zip HypergalaxV2.zip
Size : 2605.212 Kb
Type : zip

A experimental knights tour type puzzle game but with Snakes move snakes over all of the tiles to the exit. 20 levels of slippery fun.

Travel_all_new.zip Travel_all_new.zip
Size : 7186.008 Kb
Type : zip

SUB HUNT Can you destroy all subs with depth charges?.

sub_hunt.zip sub_hunt.zip
Size : 2699.438 Kb
Type : zip

Shut the box board game can you flip all tiles to win ? or get lowest number.

shut_the_box_latest.zip shut_the_box_latest.zip
Size : 1358.765 Kb
Type : zip

Amstrad version of Mr Wong's loopy laundry remade for windows

loopy.zip loopy.zip
Size : 3015.043 Kb
Type : zip

A PACMAN Experiment

Keys Left/Right to change direction

Up/Down change lane

pac2022.zip pac2022.zip
Size : 1687.744 Kb
Type : zip

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