I love to make and play retro games that I played when i was younger.

I remember my very first computer it was the ZX81 which didn't have the graphics like today but used the ascii characters and took an age to load the games. Then came the ZXspectrum, vic20, Amstrad CPC and last of all was my beloved Atari ST before geting into the pc.

Playing Emulated retro games is fun and helps me to get to know the games that I re-make and also they bring back fond memories of those early gaming days.

I make my games with Gamemaker 8.1, Yes it still works in 2023 and now that I'm Retired I have more time to make and play.

Most of my games are also on Gamejolt

So instead of just playing games why not try making them too its a lot of fun and rewarding too.

There are over 100 games here to try such as : Donkeykong, Pacman, Galaxians, Rick dangerous ll, Space invaders, Blinky's scary school and many more.

Have fun pj_crozza.


Mario's cement factory BETA  DOWNLOADS 12

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