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Remake of the arcade game Nibbler with the original 32 levels 
Arrow keys  to move / F2 toggle stretch screen.
Size : 1566.757 Kb
Type : zip
Pacman Isometric version
Size : 1747.364 Kb
Type : zip
Crimbo is a remake of little shop of pixels seasonal game of the same name which was made for the ZX Spectrum.
Size : 3014.73 Kb
Type : zip

 A new improved version of painter that includes an editor to create you own fiendish levels.

Avoid the meanies and try to fill in the rectangles before time runs out. 18/08/14
Size : 3779.822 Kb
Type : zip
MS Pacman

************* Nope not pacman But A remake of MSpacman.  *************
Size : 1585.771 Kb
Type : zip

***************** MSpacman nes style with 2 extra levels *****************
Size : 1905.563 Kb
Type : zip
Trap the monsters

******* Dig holes and bury the aliens Based on a vic20 computer game ******
Size : 985.693 Kb
Type : zip
Classic atari game

Painter a remake of a atari st game fill in the rectangles while avoiding the meanies. New update 09/05/09
Size : 1737.329 Kb
Type : zip
 Yep another pacman clone

******************** Yep another pacman remake. ********************

Added joystick control
Size : 1056.34 Kb
Type : zip
Rick dangerous II platformer

************** A remake of Rick dangerous II Another classic. *************
Size : 1724.981 Kb
Type : zip

************ A remake of ( Henry's house 1987) by Mastertonic *************

Added joystick control
Size : 4630.241 Kb
Type : zip
Exodus is a Remake of  a zx spectrum game from 1984
Size : 5647.058 Kb
Type : zip

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