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My latest game a fully working BETA version of the arcade game Astro invader by stern electronics
Size : 1985.77 Kb
Type : zip

Newest version of donkeykong with updated graphics and better gameplay with Four of the original levels plus Seven new levels.
Size : 2685.658 Kb
Type : zip
Scramble clone

******* My First Remake of the arcade game Scamble. ********
Size : 914.347 Kb
Type : zip
Space panic playable but unfinished game

 Space panic based on a BBC game dig holes an trap the aliens then fill and trap them.
Size : 1883.018 Kb
Type : zip
Kings valley clone with dr who theme

Kings valley with a doctor who theme

The object of the game is to collect the coins on the 23 levels 

To get the coins you need to break away the stones using the drill or open the hatches using the sonic screwdriver which are scattered around the levels, 'you cannot jump while carrying tools'.There are crates to help you to reach anacsesible places (IE:you push them around)

you must aviod the Cybermen or you will need to try again. On later levels there are also one way doors

on the 23st level using the mouse there is a puzzle for you to solve to finish the game.

new upate 27/05/11
Size : 4965.726 Kb
Type : zip
Turmoil speccy clone

Remake of Turmoil on the ZX spectrum

The mad ruler of El Khazi, Sheikh Abdul Al Kohol, has hidden in the labyrinthine chambers of his palace a fleet of fabulous motor cars.

You are Mick, the King's imported scouse mechanic, and because he's only paying you in sheep's eyeballs (yuk!) you decide to steal the King's cars - his pride and joy.

There are 26 screens to complete.
Size : 2353.662 Kb
Type : zip
Punchy a hunchback clone

******************* Punchy a Hunchback remake. *************************

Update Added joystick control
Size : 3292.674 Kb
Type : zip

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