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DESMOND'S DUNGEON is based on a Atari 800 game from 1984. Fiendish Alfonso Shwarz has found the ideal place to stash his plundered gold an underground dungeon of connected passages.
But one day Desmond while out for a walk finds the entrance to the dungeon and descends to find lots of gold and decides the fortune could be his
There are deadly spiders and plungers to avoid also flying overhead is Alfonso who will drop bombs/fireballs or eggs if he sees you.
There is a bug in the original Atari game where you could not complete the 11th stage therefore unable to complete the game so I never found out how the game actually ended.
My version has an ending and sends you back to the start menu.
Size : 2220.709 Kb
Type : zip
                     HOT SHOCKER a little known arcade game
Change color of all the lines While avoiding goonie birds which will freeze you for a few seconds if touched. Avoid at all costs the red hotfrogs which will kill you.
Hot Bulbs at the edges of the web will also kill you so don't linger there.
And keep an eye on the timer don't let it run out.
collect a power ups and the game will speed up for a while, all hot frogs will disappear, and if you touch a goonie it will also disappear and reward you with some extra time.
Size : 4170.515 Kb
Type : zip
My version of  the arcade game Lock n Chase is a pacman style game, collect coins and treasures while locking doors behind you to escape the cops clutches. beware you or the cops can't pass these doors. Trap the cops between two doors and get a bonus These doors willopen again after a short time.
Size : 1550.374 Kb
Type : zip
Based on The Computer Space arcade game it was the first arcade video game as well as the first commercially available video game from 1971
KEYS W/A/D/CTRL or Arrow Keys.
Your Goal: To score more hits than the enemy spaceships within a set time period
Your Shot can be guided towards a UFO using the above keys
Size : 2625.505 Kb
Type : zip
Yes Another colourfull PACMAN clone from the BBC Micro this time. with ten different mazes and extra bonuses
Size : 3408.566 Kb
Type : zip
Another remake of Burger time but this time more like the arcade version.
Size : 1457.355 Kb
Type : zip

The Doctor's Dilemma is a cross between  C64 Frantic Freddie and EFMB on the zx spectrum. collect all Imps while avoiding mutant monsters/robots beware some imps have hidden bombs. Ladders cannot be passed only climbed from left or right.
Size : 1793.128 Kb
Type : zip
Pyramid warp an MSX game remade and updated starring FRED from Roland on the ropes/Fred ZX Spectrum
Size : 2352.551 Kb
Type : zip
Remake of jumpland  a MSX game
Size : 1883.604 Kb
Type : zip
A beta version of Pacmania
Size : 3321.091 Kb
Type : zip

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