Crozza's Site

Chuckie Egg 0.5.0 remake graphics based on the Atari 8bit version
Size : 2238.764 Kb
Type : zip
Memory Game Using zx spectrum screenshots
Size : 6035.653 Kb
Type : zip

  JELLYFISH A Flappy bird clone not a retro game
Size : 2005.686 Kb
Type : zip
Remake of the classic rock-ola Nibbler game play as 3 different snakes
Size : 1918.315 Kb
Type : zip
Visit all the squares using your knight

Knight I played this game on the ZX81, visit each square only once using your knight .
Size : 698.271 Kb
Type : zip
My version of donkey kong

************************** Donkeykong nuf said.*********************

                A couple of small fixes and  Now WINDOWS 8 Compatible
Size : 2675.223 Kb
Type : zip
Lunar Rescue

 Lunar Rescue Rescue the stranded spacemen avoiding spaceships and asteroids.

Update Added joystick control
Size : 829.659 Kb
Type : zip
Another burgertime clone

***** Mr Wimpy a Burgertime clone. Ok so its another burgertime clone ****

Update added joystick control
Size : 1558.79 Kb
Type : zip

****************** Lots of remakes of this game. Here's Mine **************

Update added jostick control
Size : 912.62 Kb
Type : zip

 Remake of the Spectrum game PSSST from 1983 by the stamper bros with scanlines and old tv style output.
Size : 5306.068 Kb
Type : zip

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